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About LAPO

Corporate Profile

LAPO Microfinance Bank Limited is a pro-poor financial institution committed to the empowerment of low-income Nigerians through access to responsive financial services delivered on a sustainable basis. The institution was founded as a non-profit entity by Mr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe while working as a Rural Co-operative Officer in Delta State, Nigeria. In 2010, LAPO set up a microfinance bank and transferred the bulk of its microfinance operations to the new institutional vehicle.


First choice financial institution


Improving lives

Institutional Purpose

LAPO Microfinance Bank Limited exists to address the economic powerlessness of a large number of Nigerians through the provision of financial services to micro and small enterprises on affordable terms.

Operating Assumptions

LAPO’s institutional structures, procedures and services have always been influenced by the following assumptions:

  • Low-income people are too disadvantaged to benefit from credit schemes operated by formal financial institutions.
  • The poor are not necessarily lazy.
  • An improvement in the socio-economic situation of the poor will take place if financial services are added to support their physical labour and skills.
  • Small groups have tremendous influence on cooperating individuals.
  • Poverty is reinforced by problems such as too large family size, malnutrition, ignorance and disease.
  • Poor women and children are relatively more neglected.

                          4 Cardinal Principles of Engagement

1. The purpose of LAPO is to serve its clients

                We listen to them, reason with them and serve them in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

2. We leverage on technology  to serve our clients faster

                Investment in cost-efficient tailored solutions enhance institutional efficiency and client convenience.

3. Our business is where our clients are

                If it is right there, it is right for the organization. Go out and support them.

4. We can achieve more as a team; We support one another

                We shake hands with individual performer but hug outstanding team players.


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