Savings Accounts

It pays to save with LAPO.

Savings Plan Account

The Savings Plan Account is designed for individuals and groups who wish to save funds toward a particular project(s) over a specified period of time and earn interest on their savings.

My Pikin & I Savings Account

Child-focused savings account with high interest and life insurance. A chance for your child to win LAPO MfB Scholarship.

Xpress Savings Account

This is a very flexible and convenient savings account designed for clients to save money on a voluntary basis.

Fixed Deposit Account

Earn more interest than traditional savings. You choose the length of term that best fits your needs.

Individual Savings

An Individual savings account is a simple way to start taking important steps to secure your financial future.

Social Impact Deposit (SID)

An opportunity for high-net-worth individuals to make social impact by contributing to our loan funds for members of low-income households, with the possibility of nominating a child for a scholarship. You also earn interest on your savings.

Festival Savings

Festival Savings Account also enables clients to accumulate money for domestic expenses during festive periods.

Details you need to make a smart decision

NGN 200 minimum opening deposit required for savings account. Please refer to each product and service for additional details. Additional terms and miscellaneous fees may apply. Products, features and benefits offered with accounts are subject to change at any time. You may vsit our branch for additional details.

TD accounts are subject to approval. NGN 50, 000 minimum investment deposit required to earn advertised APY. Rates may vary or subject to negotiation based on the proposed principal amount and duration. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. You may vsit our branch for additional details.